She don’t listen

“Ciarra. Just sit your ass down and write.” … this is really how I be talking to myself. Cus I’m … More

Baby mama

A lot of people disagree with this term. But I like to call shit how I see it. I don’t … More


Most of my life, I have had this really unhealthy relationship with food. I never thought of it as an … More

Mid-term survivor

12 years, 10 months. Approximately 4,687.27 days. A few drug regimens. Stigmatizing traumas. A HIV- negative child. What feels like … More

Helpless helper

I called Al-Anon. In tears. Ugly, snotty, gasping for air type ass tears. The lady on the other end of … More

Custodial parent

Coparenting, for me, goes a little something like this … If there are 365 days in a year – I … More

Who ain’t?

Guess who would be the first one in line for the HIV cure if it came out tomorrow. Fa sho. … More

Somebody like me

Awwwww shit. Here comes the uncomfortable feelings. The ones that come when I don’t have a man by my side. … More

Sista girl

Black women don’t like me. But I admire them. I mean, this is such a strong statement. But sometimes it … More

Giving up

Sometimes I want to give up. And in my thoughts, it manifests in so many different ways. Do I like … More