Sorry baby, ya mama got the cooties

So, this happened about 5 years ago when my son was 1.

Fallen on hard times, I had moved back to what was considered home at the time – Milledgeville, Georgia.

Our move back to Milledgeville was a very interesting one. It was like HIV was unheard of. I couldn’t even receive treatment in the city (stories for another time).

During our time there, I began hanging out with this girl that I had known from years before we had children. We talked often, visited church, and sometimes even joined each other for lunch dates with our children. Somewhere in the mix, I disclosed to her my HIV status. 

I don’t know what enticed her to repeat this to her mother (I mean, it’s cool and all but 😒). No big deal.

Yea. Not a big deal until it came to the birthday party that was being planned for her almost-one year old. My son and I were not invited to the birthday party because of my HIV status. The girl was like like her mother was not going for it after learning my status.

To paraphrase from memory it went something like:

Her mom: That girl cannot come to my house sitting all over my furniture. 

Wait. What?

Because you definitey can catch HIV by sharing a love seat with a positive person 😩

This experience showed me that there is a need to educate. So here I am. People should know that I, or my HIV negative son for that matter, do not pose a threat to you by: sharing the air you breathe. Or the toilet seat. Or from your drinking cups. I thought we were past that. Obviously not. It’s all love though. I’m here to help fill that gap of ignorance.

What not to do: Don’t expect that everyone will take the time to know you before they judge.

+ Ci Ci +

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