Liability not an asset

Finding out that I was HIV positive was one thing. Like just to know that I been diagnosed with something like HIV (the virus that leads to AIDS) was so devastating – at first.That was until I educated myself.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my days.

With the diagnosis, I knew that life would change but I didn’t know exactly how much. Through my journey, I have learned that there are some things that you can prepare for but then you have some which come at you from left field.

Like you can prepare for the fact that you are going to be in the doctor’s office more than you were when you were HIV negative.

Cool. Schedule those sick days off from work and then get back to it. If you don’t have any PTO, just miss the day and your money. 🖕🏾

You can probably also prepare for the fact that you may have to remove some people from your life.

Cool. Delete the number and block them everywhere. Problem gone.

But then you get a left fielder. You know, something you didn’t prepare for.

I just got hit just like that the other day. For only like the umpteenth time.

This was something simple though.

I went to the mailbox and checked the mail like any other normal day. In the pile of junk, it was this envelope that stuck out because of it’s color. Naturally, I went for that one first.

I opened it and began to read the words. The company claimed that this life insurance application had been prepared for me and that I could get such and such amount of coverage for this amount. Sounds good. 

But then they start talking about how each question had to be answered. Cool?!? 👀

So, I begin to read and that doesn’t last long because I get to question 2c and they are already asking about AIDS. And I’m too close to that to even try and mark “no” without lying.


All I did was go to the mailbox; where I am used to walking away with a different type of disappointment. Like when the bills come and they add up to waaay more than what I presently have in my bank account.

But this day, it was a new one.

Although the application says that answering “yes” to that question doesn’t automatically mean that I don’t qualify for their life insurance coverage, I’ve already disqualified myself.

Tip: 🗣 ALWAYS read the fine print. This is where they get you.

Needless to say, I didn’t go for this one.

I got online and started to look for someone who would insure such a liability as myself. And guess what? They exist. But I can’t afford none of that mess right now.

What not to do: DO NOT think you don’t need life insurance. We are all going to leave here at some point. NONE of us know when.

and if I die before I wake, I pray somebody will start a #gofundme for my burial expenses and to get Zion set up straight.

Because right now, I can’t afford to insure myself to ensure my son is at least financially straight for just a little while after I die.

+ Ci Ci +