I am good. I am great.

Sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves.

Just as simple as that.

But this lack of confidence can hurt us a lot in the long run.

We make up in our mind whatever we want to and live in it. No matter how unhealthy it may be. 😒

Like, we more than live in it. We buy a house of doubt with these plans to just sulk until somebody kicks us out.

You can always find a reason to point out why you are not good enough for what you yearn for in life. Like you don’t deserve it or something.

We can always find a reason to talk ourselves out of what we know we were sent here to do. Booooooooo!

“But I’m too <insert any reason you’ve fed yourself> to do such and such!”

If those thoughts are so easy to come across then why can’t it be just as easy to convince ourselves that we ARE worthy? … that we ARE enough?

Our experiences shape our perception. Whatever has happened to us previously kinda has a lot to to with how we see life now. This can be something that happened earlier, last week, or even as far back as when we were children.

If you were ever abused and have not yet healed from that trauma it would kinda make sense that you handle stress in unhealthy ways. 🤔

If you were molested and have not yet healed from that trauma, it would make sense if you are incapable of expressing love. 🤔

If you were ever rejected and have not yet healed from that trauma, it would make sense that you won’t go for that big promotion. 🤔

And the list can go on and on…

THAT’S where healing comes in. These past situations don’t have to define you today. You can address it and then begin to work on it. Simple.

Tip: Even if you don’t believe it yet, counteract those negative thoughts with positive ones. Affirm yourself.

I have tried to be proactive with Zion. Every morning before school we say:

I am good. I am great. I am awesome. I am fantastic. I am kind. I make wise decisions. I respect myself. I respect my elders. I respect my peers. I am a King-in-Training and I will conduct myself as one. Today will be a good day.

The power of the mind and the tongue is the real deal. No cap. So fill them with great things!

What not to do: Don’t give up on yourself. Keep on pushing. Who knows? Today could be the day! This time could be it!

You can do it!

+ Ci Ci +