Help or shut up

I’ve been reading lately a lot about the expectations that we have of young teenage girls.

We expect for them to make really wise decisions.

We expect for them to know what to do with their vaginas just because they have one.

Below is an actual representation of what I knew about sex when I lost my virginity:

It took me a long time to understand this thang.

Vagina crash course here.

We expect so much from them.

Why though? Cus they girls?

Well hell, have you picked one up and actually showed her the way?

I know it’s the responsibility of the adults around her to do so, but what if she doesn’t have any?

And besides that, you are an adult around her.

Soooo?!?! 👀

You sure wouldn’t know how lost we actually are because we are not quick to ask for help – especially not during this time in our development.

You know we knew it all.

When is the last time you let a youth know how proud of them you are?

Did you tell the “young, fast” girl how valuable she is?

Did you tell the “big” girl she was beautiful?

See, if you are not trying to fix the issue, at least on a personal level – don’t say nothing about none of them girls.

Like at all.

None of us know what we are doing. We ain’t never been here before.

Tip: Stop fraudin.

To all my big girls: If you love being big, cool. I love it too! If you don’t, you can change it. Here is a resource if you don’t know where to start.

To all my girls giving out pussy: If you love it, cool. I love it too! (Make sure you use your condoms and get tested regularly). If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep doing it. They say celibacy is poppin. I wouldn’t know about that but you can read about it here. 😂

To all my girls who feel like they ain’t cute: I’m not even going to accept that one. Queen, Princess, Sis … you are beautiful. I promise.

Let me tell you, my favorite part of my body is my ankle. The right one to be exact.

It sounds silly but once I fell in love with that one part of me, I started seeing other parts of me that had me all like:

Try hyping your own self up.

You will appreciate it.

I remember what I was like when I was a teenager …

Nobody could tell me shit. But what if I woulda told myself?

What not to do: Don’t stop talking. They hear you. You hear you.

The ones that took the time out to encourage me and to lift me up… I remember them forever.

They were like sun rays in my grave.

A similar conversation would benefit our kings out here, too.

But I’m not equipped to give that one; I have never lived that life.

Help me out y’all.

+ Ci Ci +