Almost over

Imagine that this was your last day on Earth.

And now imagine that you knew this your entire life?

You knew, from birth, which breath would be your last inhale…

Obituary already printed with a sunset date of November 2, 2019 at 23:59:59.

Would that change anything?

Would that change who you told, “I love you” to?

Would it change who you would tell to, “Kiss my big brown/white/yellow/red ass?”

Would you still go to that miserable was job?

Like, for real.

Think about how much would be different if we knew how much time we had left.

Think about how many days are we passing by accepting less than what we deserve.

Thinking we got forever to make it better.

But guess what?

We all already have a death date.

HIV or not.

Tip: One thing for sure and two things for certain, we all woke up today one day closer to that time.

So why not give out the I Love You’s?

Why not say fuck all them miserable fuckers you done let slip into your life?

Why give them another precious moment of your numbered days?

What not to do: Don’t let the end of your life sneak up on you.

Live each of these like it’s your last and you tryna make it to the after party.

At least, that’s how I have it pictured in my head.

+ Ci Ci +

Dang, I missed y’all. ❤️