The walking STD

You ever met somebody who had ALL the STDs? Welp, that would be me. Well, maybe not all of them. … More

My mommy

I’m scared as shit to lose my mom. Out of every person here on this Earth, she is the one … More

Big to me

I already told y’all about my HIV status. And how I can’t stand my daddy. Hmmm. Y’all know about these … More

Real quick

I’m up late tonight. It’s adrenaline. And this beautiful sense of peace. I’m coming up on a year of having … More

Almost over

Imagine that this was your last day on Earth. And now imagine that you knew this your entire life? You … More

Never came

Never would I ever think that I would be the one telling the story from this side. But they told … More

New dad wanted

Have you ever been verbally abused? That shit doesn’t feel good. I never knew what to call it. I just … More

Molly, kiss my ass

Wow. Addiction runs strong in my family. You name it. We done did it. Crack? We been on that. And … More

Poor people live

Living in poverty sometimes makes me sad. Understanding that poverty can be looked at as both absolute and relative, I … More

Damn boundaries

Boundaries. I’ve never been a fan of them. I like to move freely and not be told that I have … More

2% chance of HIV

One thing that I pride myself on is the fact that in all my time living with HIV – I … More