Molly, kiss my ass


Addiction runs strong in my family.

You name it.

We done did it.


We been on that.

And apparently it made a few of us Super Babies.


We drink that like it’s water.

Matter of fact, I think we own part of the Jacquin’s stock.

We just have to.


Like why does this even have to be grouped with the other stuff?

Bad mon seh it grow tall on King Solomon grave.

Pass the Rizla.

And close the door.

But these new jawns?!

I don’t know nothing about these.

This one time, I saw a dude on the corner foaming out of his mouth.

He had the “blunt” right next to him.

But I heard it was K2.

And that would make more sense.

Cus we all know regular weed doesn’t do all that.

That was a few years ago though.

And since then, they seem to be doing some major mixing of shit in the lab.

Now we dealing with stuff like:

Molly and the Percocets.

Sounds like a bad singing group.

I ain’t know nothing about either one of them until Future came out with that song.

Thanks Future 🙄.

But by now, I am more than certain that one of them is a synthetic heroin prescribed by medical providers under the guise of pain management.


These mother fuckers know it’s doing more than managing some pain.

I’ve been on those appointments.

It’s like an assembly line of patients.

Go through the protocol.

Get your script.

And you out.

Don’t nobody ask you nothing about how you are going to manage without their scribe.

They just increase your dosage enough to not catch the attention of the Feds.

And did I mention, that it’s synthetic heroin?

Now, that’s some Cartel shit.

But somehow I’m starting to learn the life.

It’s like I’m in some bad drug movie for the first time.

And I’m tired.

I’m stuck.

Somewhere between a Percocet and a Narcan.

In the past 6 months, I have personally witnessed 2 overdoses.

And it scares the living shit out of me.

I never thought that it would be my life.

I always thought that it was something you would watch on an Intervention documentary or some bull shit like that.

Not on my block.

Not on my clock.

But by now, I’m becoming hip to the game.

And I personally know a few people who have been caught up in it.

They started out in pain.

Maybe a surgery.

Or an actual chronic pain diagnosis.

But that pain gets them under doctor’s orders.

Into the system.

They say they care.

But do they really?

To me, it seems more like a money game.


They would do it like that?

Of course.

You can’t tell me that they don’t see what’s going on with the people.

Have you ever witnessed an overdose?

It’s like the person is dead.

You pat them.

They don’t respond.

You scream their name and they don’t say nothing.

If you are like me, then you start to panic.

And we know that’s never conducive.

Every now and then they let out these heavy ass breaths.

Kinda like the last ones my grandma took.

(RIP G. 5 years and counting.)

But it’s that faint pulse you feel in their wrists that gives you some hope.

So you start screaming for help and shit.

And the community begins to react out of automation.

“Somebody call 911!”

“Who’s got Narcan?”

They act like they know what to do.

Like they know this life all too well.

But it works.

And the whispers from the onlookers fill in the rest of the blanks.

She was just being greedy. She know she didn’t need so much.

He musta got a piece of that bad batch down such and such.

Like, yoooooo!

Why is this normal?

Why is no one really talking about it?

Opioid addiction is real and true.

You probably know someone fighting this battle but are really good at hiding it.

Tip: SAMHSA has a hotline for help.

Sometimes, just talking it out can get the ball rolling.

It has come way too close to me one too many times.

This is how I know I’m not seeing this bullshit all by myself.

But you know, we like to turn a blind eye to things.

Until it’s standing in our living room.

And addiction affects more than just the person doing the certain thing.

It hurts our families.

Our communities.

And those watching up to us.

What not to do: Don’t ever think it couldn’t be you.

I never met a crackhead who aimed to be one.

They just tried it.

And liked it.

But I’m over it.

Every day I wake, it is in anticipation to see who got to wake up too.

So far, so good.

And I pray it stays that way.

Fuck you, pain.

Fuck you, drug dealers.

Y’all breaking my heart.

One Perc 15 at a time.

+ Ci Ci +