Actions, not words

Don’t nobody lie more than a dude with a woman who is trying to add some new side-pussy into his life.

I mean, the stories they tell be pretty outlandish.

One time, I met this man who would not leave me alone!

No matter how much I told him that I wasn’t looking for nobody and that I was cool where I was at, he kept trying.

With his ole persistent ass. 😒

I told him about the virus, thinking that this would be enough to scare him away.

But it didn’t.

He said ok.

And then continued to try and make himself a part of my life.

After a while of this and against my better judgement, I got soft.

So now we chilling. HEAVY.

But it was starting to smell a little like salmon.

The brightest red flag was thrown a little ways in when he told me that I couldn’t come to his house because he was beefing with these people in the neighborhood, so he needed me to stay away.

sO He cOuLd pRoTeCt mE 😑

If that ain’t the dumbest shit I ever had to type.

Welp, needless to say he convinced me that this was for my own good.

And although it was pretty far fetched, it was possible.

Right? 😬

So I justified his inconsistencies in my head and kept it moving.

Y’all know he was full of shit, don’t you?

Like, he lived with his whole woman and everything.

I know, because she called me.

Ooooo. You weren’t protecting me, you was finessing my dumb ass.

And to think, this man had a woman at home, yet continued to solicit me for sex.

HIV and all.

He ain’t been the only one, either.

I’ve been hit on by a few other involved men over the past 10 years.

Like, it has been way more common than what I would have expected.

Tip: When you have unprotected sex with someone you are putting your life in their hands.

You trust them like that?

I don’t tell y’all these things to scare you.

It just is what it is.

For one, I was dumb for even entertaining this guy and his foolery. It didn’t make sense in the beginning.

Bottom line. Period.

What not to do: Don’t ignore the flags, man.

For me, it was because of HIV (as well as other hits to my self-esteem) that made me feel like I had to accept a part-time situationship like this one.

Because I felt like this was all that Ci Ci deserved.

For two, this cheating man could have contracted HIV from me and took it home to his woman.

Even though my viral load was undetectable at this time, I made sure to tell that lady that she needed to get tested. And she assured me that she would.

He looked, swam, and quacked like a duck.

But in my head, I painted him as a friend.

Honestly, he ain’t care about me or her.

Cus this situation could have ended dreadfully …

… and that would have been fucked up.

+ Ci Ci +