Sleep when I die?

One time, I quit a job.

It was a pretty good job too.

Probably the most money I ever made since I graduated college.

I had benefits, salaried pay, and a pretty secure position.

The American dream, right?

But my dream’s origin is not America so this shit be real conflicting.

See, for some of my coworkers, it seemed as though that job was their ceiling.

They got in there and made it clear that they had no intention on ever leaving that place.


If they like it, I love it!

Who wouldn’t be content with going into the same place, doing the same thing, and getting the same check every two weeks?

It was a pretty decent place to be:

… I had job security.

… I was aware of the rules.

… I knew who fucked with me and who didn’t.

You know, it was comfortable.

But, it was killing my energy.

My mental health was suffering.


And I be needing my T cells.

After spending the first part of my Monday – Friday in an environment that bred negativity, I would then get off of work and try to live life real quick before bedtime came.

CommuteHome, gym?, getKidFromSchool, feedFamily, homework, familyTime.


<insert infinite sarcasm here>

Now, we can start all over again for tomorrow! Yaaaay! 😒

Is this why we were created?

Hell no. It can’t be!

This experience made me evaluate my life and the things that I value.

I started with the income cus, let’s just be real; I needs my lights and car insurance, etc …

So let’s just say for the purpose of this post that I was bringing home $2,000 a month after taxes.

Uhhhh, that’s not shit.

And this is what y’all got me coming in here being miserable for? 2 stacks?


When you think about it, there are so many other ways to get your hands on that amount of money.

You just may have to apply yourself differently.

We have been conditioned to feel that it is a necessity that we work for someone else.

And we just accept (and sort of expect) that we will reluctantly work until the age of retirement and hopefully collect a pension.


That might be your shot but I couldn’t do it no more.

I started getting creative with the income flow.

Tip: Think outside the box.

To be honest, I started here.

Nothing special, just a little google search.

But that allowed my mind to explore other ideas. You know, to get familiar with the concept that this 9 to 5 might not be the end-all be-all to my career.

It helped me jump.

I made an escape plan and I went for it.

What not to do: Don’t think you ain’t going to have to put in no work. Cus that’s the furtherest thing from the truth.

But guess what happened?

God filled in the rest.

I can’t even begin to tell y’all how blessed we have been.

Just know, we alright.

I’m employed and my mental health is not being compromised because of it.

T cells on point.


All it took was that one piece of faith and a mission.

I was scared as shit though.

+ Ci Ci +