Uh oh

What do you feel about religion?

I know we are not supposed to talk about this either

but I can’t help it.

(Real quick: the purpose of this post is not to offend but rather to detail my own personal journey ❤️)

So, I was raised Christian;

Baptist to be more specific.

I went to church, out of tradition.

I celebrated the holidays, without substance because I never knew why we celebrated them.

Sung on a choir.Took communion.Attended Watch Night Service.

I always had questions.

I have always been the inquisitive type.

But, when I would question the things I didn’t understand, this was not always well received.

So I started searching for myself.

And whoa!

What a journey this has been!

The thing about me, is that I’m not too afraid try something before I knock it.

You know, I like to be able to speak from experience.

Not always true though. Because I’m not eating no bugs on Fear Factor. I just can’t.

But anyways, some time after I began growing my locs, I thought I was a Rastafarian.

I read about the way of life and fell in love.

Ooo, this is the Jah I have been hearing about my whole life?

It all seemed to kind of work out.

I was already a pescatarian AND I had locs, so this must have been the path for me.

I was on the right track – because you know,

we HAVE to pick one.

I found me some real-life Rastas and they called me an Empress.

I felt good.

But then, like a curious child –

another level of religious consciousness crossed my path and I was in awe.

I had to know more about these pious women I saw out in the community:

praying.and giving back.and covering up for the sake of their Lord.

Somewhere along the way, I began to admire the religion of Islam.

This was one of the most beautiful times of my life.

The religion, is beautiful.

I met some of the most wonderful, most disciplined people ever during this time.

I stood in awe of their knowledge and dedication.

I appreciated the modesty.

I started reading.And fasting.And covering.

I fell in love with the reverence for Allah,

Our Creator.



Wait. Hold up.

There’s more options?

I didn’t even know I had a birth number.

Did that astrology thing just read out my entire life?

Tip: Give people the room to live and experience WITHOUT judgment.

See, I’m not downplaying anyone’s way of life; their truth.

I embrace them.

I wish that I could experience more.

In my walk, I have met MANY dedicated individuals.

You know, those who know for sure that “their way” is the way to go and will defend it to their grave.

I love it!

I respect it even more.

As I grow in age, my understanding of how much of a child I really am becomes more vivid.

I understand that I am here for a purpose.

I understand that this purpose is predestined.

I have personally experienced speaking to:

the Universe,

my God,

my Creator

and my words coming to life in front of my eyes.

I’m a Believer.

What not to do: Don’t judge someone’s spiritual walk. It’s not a good look.

When I say I will pray for you and send positive vibes –

– I mean it.

I’m sending them from the purest, most innocent place of my understanding.

I hope they find you well.


+ Ci Ci +