I’m not everybody

Everything ain’t for everybody.

I hear that often.

Thats cus I’m an open book.

I’m all for sharing experiences because, more often than not, you will find that there are other people going through exactly what you are.

They are just too afraid to speak up.

And that’s cool.

We are all entitled to that.

I’m just the one that doesn’t mind that a stranger knows that I once went a few days without showering because I was stuck in this sadness.

Cus when I got happy again I took a bath.

I don’t mind if someone knows that I haven’t always made the best decisions.

Cus none of us have.

And I sure don’t mind that they know about my HIV situation.

Cus I know that talking about it, helps bring awareness. And we NEED that.

But they are right.

Everything isn’t for everybody.

Hell, I’m not for everybody.

But think.

If me “oversharing” makes someone feel uncomfortable – why is that?

Is it because we so often avoid these conversations in real life that it feels wrong to bring light to them.

Is it because we were taught to hold things in and deal with it there?

I dunno.

But maybe stigma is the answer.

Like, there is this perceived level of shame that one should possess because …

… you know, society says so.

Who the fuck is this society person anyways cus they got shit all the way chopped.

Tip: Please don’t project your shame and ignorance onto someone else.

Just because you would have never told somebody that your vagina doesn’t always smell like flowers doesn’t mean that yours does.

It just means that you quietly dealt with a yeast infection, which happens to be quite normal.

So stop it.

What not to do: Don’t be so caught up in secrecy that you feed the fire.

Believe it or not, when you respond with a statement such as,

Everything ain’t for everybody

you’re actually helping to perpetuate this stigma that we are trying to so hard get rid of.

When someone says that to me, this is what I hear:

Don’t tell anyone that because your situation is too disgraceful to be acknowledged. And you deserve anything that happens to you because you should have never said nothing.

And to that I say:

Fuck you (with love of course) ☺️

+ Ci Ci +