2nd token

This one time, I had to block this girl on Facebook.

I ain’t like the plantation vibes she gave in real life.

And it didn’t too much help that her people owned the establishment I worked for.

So I kinda wasn’t literally the help cus they was paying me, right?

It just feels that way sometime?


But this fair skinned girl, with this dark colored hair that didn’t quite fit in with the shades of blonde that usually bounced around in Northface coats and shorts? –

did just enough to keep it cordial.

Cordial enough to make me believe we could even possibly survive a Facebook friendship.

Cus you know back in the day – we would just friend anybody with a .edu email address.

If I had picked up more on the company she kept and the things they stood for, I would have probably left her and them confederate flags right where the fuck they was at.

But I think it was her Black friend.

That’s what gave me hope.

Clearly, she couldn’t be a racist right?

So I signed up to be her 2nd token.

And should probably take a second to apologize to whomever decided to be her 3rd cus I might have played a part in their sightless confidence.

My bad B.

But I remember it was around the Mike Brown shooting.

Click here if you need a refresher.

Feels like yesterday but that was 2014.

A time that made it really clear that you were going to have to choose one side or another.

Sadly, there ain’t no gray areas when it comes to Black and blue lives.

And it was clear she wasn’t on my side.

And it hurt my feelings.

In the thick of the shared emotion being felt by most of those on my timeline, here her and her two cents come.

In the form of a meme that I can no longer find.

But imma try to paint the picture for you.

It was a sketch of what I remember to be a restaurant. Blood everywhere. Stuff in disarray.

Black man shot dead on the floor.

And a cop standing outside of the restaurant trying to explain himself.

The cartoon strongly suggested that the Black man was shot dead because he was committing a crime in the restaurant, how the cop was the savior, and how (Black) people will always blame the police for the man’s death.

Bitch, this ain’t that.

What is you even bring that up for?

And how dare you?!

I mean, she’s definitely entitled to feel how she feels.

Tip: If you gone call yourself having Black friends – you might wanna at least act like you care about the shit that’s going on in the world that affects them.

And be a little bit more sensitive of it.

But looking back on it, maybe she just meant to share it with her confederate friends and I was the one out of place.


Sometimes I wonder if she still feels that way?

I wonder if any of the other publicized Black deaths at the hands of the police ever made her rethink her position?

What not to do: Don’t waste your time trying to change someone else’s mind.

Experience shapes perception.

And everybody’s experience is not like our own.

But hell, being Black ain’t no experience.

This my life you talking bout.

+ Ci Ci +