Sista girl

Black women don’t like me. But I admire them. I mean, this is such a strong statement. But sometimes it … More

Giving up

Sometimes I want to give up. And in my thoughts, it manifests in so many different ways. Do I like … More

2nd token

This one time, I had to block this girl on Facebook. I ain’t like the plantation vibes she gave in … More

Diary of a dumb broad

This some real-time drama. No. Like I’m literally sitting here still trying to process this shit. And I don’t do … More

E for effort

You see me? I was the type of student who stayed up in the teacher’s ass. I sat in the … More

Crying for strength

A draft from January … Tonight I cried. Again. But this time on Instagram Live. In front of people. Ew. … More

Where imma go?

Being Black American is such an awkward feeling. I don’t feel like I belong here. And if you ask the … More

The walking STD

You ever met somebody who had ALL the STDs? Welp, that would be me. Well, maybe not all of them. … More

My mommy

I’m scared as shit to lose my mom. Out of every person here on this Earth, she is the one … More

Big to me

I already told y’all about my HIV status. And how I can’t stand my daddy. Hmmm. Y’all know about these … More

Real quick

I’m up late tonight. It’s adrenaline. And this beautiful sense of peace. I’m coming up on a year of having … More